• Cycling through the countryside near Hoi An, Vietnam +4

    • Very nice area, looks so peaceful! Very nice area, looks so peaceful! +1
      A few suggestions to your video:
      - Use a video stabilizing software. The clip is shaky (unavoidable since it was taken handheld), when I viewed it in full screen I felt dizzy. It'll be nicer if you use a tripod or monopod.
      - The time for a static scene is usually 3 seconds or less.
      - Use a longer background music, or start a new one after one ends. Better not to repeat a short one over and over.

      Look forward to your more great video!
      • Good suggestions, but I just didn't want to bother with these kinds of stuff, these videos are just for fun, I may consider your suggestions in the future, anyway thanks for your suggestions.
      • I just made some edit for this video so it's not that shaky.
    • Da Nang City in the daytime, Vietnam +2
      • It looks like people are doing pretty well over there. Lots of English signs. :)
        • Yeah,Vietnam is developing quickly in last 10 years, but is still much less developed than many other countries in Southeast Asia, for example, Thailand and Malaysia.
    • Da Nang City at night +2
    • Dragon Bridge fire and water show in Da Nang, Vietnam +2
      • The dragon bridge is a good design! +1
    • Da Nang's My Khe Beach in a cloudy day +2
      • Since Vietnamese girls don't like tanned skin, a cloudy day is actually good for them to play on the beach. :) +1
        • Right, one of the most noticeable traits of beauty in Vietnamese ladies is their fair smooth skin.
          • How long did you stay in Vietnam?
            • Just a couple of months.
    • A fishing village near Hoi An, Vietnam +2