• Some photos from my two months old vegetable garden Some photos from my two months old vegetable garden +3





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      • The red lettuce could be a bit too late to pick. +1
        • Yes. My romaine lettuce has passed the best harvest time too. It's about one meter tall now. After I have eaten them for many times, I have to change the varieties of veggies to satisfy my stomach. 😊 +1
          • LOL. Maybe your guys in GTA can exchange your produce? +1
            • I told my next door neighbors that what veggies I grow and I can give those to them for free if they like, but they never asked me for veggies. +1
      • This wild amaranth has grown from 2" tall to about 1 meter tall since I found it. +1
        The purslane has grown from 1" long single stem to 15" wide with many branches. The cucumber leaves were beautiful but unfortunately they got certain problem recently. I guess it's an infection from bugs.
    • Wow! I recognize the purple peacock beans. :) +1
      • It's so nice! I picked some beans today. The long ones are about 10" long. Thanks for the seeds! Do you have this beans this year? 😄 +1
        • Yes I do! +1
      • To protect my beans, I even have caught 8 bugs since yesterday. I never thought I could be so brave! 💪😄 +1
        • Yeah, we are probably a million times bigger than those poor bugs. :D +1
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      • My green onions are 20~30"tall. The herbs ( basil, mint, rosemary, parsley) are easy to grow. I never needed to buy these after I planted them and I have more than enough for my family. +1
      • It's my first time to know about mint's flower. +1
    • Nice veggies garden! How did you prevent it from being ruined by rabbits or squirrels? +1
      • Thanks! Actually I didn't do anything to prevent them. But I did lose a little bit of veggies. 😁 +1
    • Wow, I couldn’t believe you are a new gardener. +1
      • Thanks😁! I planted them very late (in June), so some types of veggies are still too early to be harvested. I didn't expect much produce from this first try, but I water them almost everyday. I feel fun to watch their growth. +1
    • Some of newly picked ones. +2




      • White eggplants are about 12" long each. The Swiss chard's root looks like ginseng. The tomatoes are still gradually growing and changing colors. So far each of tomatoe trees only produced 10~18 tomatoes. +1
        • Tomatoes: you need to nip any new shoots from now, to let it focus on the fruit. 10-18/plant is a decent number! +1
          • Thanks! They are still continuing blooming and growing fruits. I seldom removed the smaller/weaker shoots because some articles mention Bush Early Girl tomato is determinate. Each tomato tree has 4~ 6 branches now, Thanks! They are still continuing blooming and growing fruits. I seldom removed the smaller/weaker shoots because some articles mention Bush Early Girl tomato is determinate. Each tomato tree has 4~ 6 branches now, +1
            and fruits spread onto each branches. Today I counted that the best tree has produced just more than 20 tomatoes. The distance between every two adjacent trees is too small, so their branches and leaves touch each other very badly. The branches became heavier and heavier with the growing of fruits, so they bent down and nearly touched ground. I spent time to tie the branches to different poles again today. I also removed many older tomato leaves today. Hope the new baby tomatoes will have enough time to ripen in the short hot/warm season. If they can not ripen eventually, then it's a good idea to cut off the new shoots now.
            • If you trim them now, they can focus on a limited number of fruits without wasting energy on new shoots and extra flowers. +1
              Once my landlord planted 97 tomato plants at once.
              She didn't trim them. Eventually when it turned cold and the plants died,
              there was no ripe fruit. She only got a big pile of green things.
              • Wow, that's a big loss, Wow, that's a big loss, +1
                in terms of the time or energy spent. Good to know about the tips, especially for a beginner like me. I grow only 6 tomato plants, but I feel I have more than enough of tomatoes for myself. Why did the family grow that big amount of tomato plants? I guess those were for sale. Otherwise, it's a waste of energy. :)
      • Beautiful, and will be tasty! +1
        • That's true, That's true, +1
          thanks! The herbs are very tasty. I use them whenever I cook meat, tofu, fish, etc. I also use the fresh herbs (mix green onions, mint, basil, and parsley together) to make pancakes (oats, wheat flour, eggs, herbs, oil, salt, baking powder). More ingredients (e.g., Tofu, turmeric, etc) can be added into above ingredients too. These pancakes are easy to make, and they're delicious and healthy. For purple peacock bean, it tastes better than regular green beans, more tender and sweeter.😁
          • Glad to hear that! You'll be addicted to home-grown veggies. :) +1
    • Freshly harvested vegetables today +1



      • The romaine lettuce and red lettuce were planted too densely, so they are very thin and tall. +1
    • Some other veggies Some other veggies +1





      • The zucchini plant has been blooming for weeks, +1
        but unfortunately it never grew any fruit yet. I don't know what's the reason. The flowers were dropped off while they looked still very fresh. So it's not naturally. Perhaps animals did this. The opo squash is still very tiny.
    • Picked swiss chard and celery today. The swiss chard leaves are very big ( 24"~26" length, 8" width), but they are still tender. Feel very comfortable to see the green leaves. +1