• Markets in Jerusalem Markets in Jerusalem +3

    In the Old City, there are many small stores.

    A restaurant.  Note the ceiling.  It's like a cave.  You can tell that the building should be of very long history.





    One of my meals.  I like the way that I can enjoy several different small dishes!

    There are so many varieties of olive!


    Pickled fish.


    A traditional dish, made of tomatoes and eggs.

    • Ten measures of beauty descended to the world, Jerusalem took nine. +3
      • But my opinion is: Ten measures of sorrow descended to the world, Jerusalem took nine either. +3
      • Really? 😊 +3
      • Why and how? Could you list more details? Thanks! +2
        • This is Jew's famous classical motto.... +4
          • Oh, right. +2
    • I would say the Hanukkah candle holder represents one of the characteristics of the local traditional culture. Nice to see the local scenes of street alley and market. Did the restaurant just use a half newspaper as a piece of serving tray liner? Or, +2
      is that a piece of custom printed plate liner?
      • I almost forgot the newspaper thing! It just pretended to be an old newspaper. If you want to see a real one being use for food wrapping, go to India. 😂 +1
        • Actually it's a good way for advertising. I would feel good as long as it's food grade and clean. I guess it's like this. +2
        • I haven't had any desire to go to India yet, but I am interested in learning more about India. My imaginations are limited. Please share what you saw. Thanks! 😁 +1
    • (IMHO) if it's convenient, you can go to Japanese or Korean restaurants to taste a variety of small portions of foods in one meal. +1
      • Thanks for the tips! +1
      • Or, Costco, LOL +1
        • Maybe Costco stores in GTA? The one on Vancouver Island doesn't have many sampling stands. 😂 +1
    • Nice pictures. Remind me of Morocco. +1
      • Technically they're in the same region, probably similar climate as well. 😊 +1