• A long trip to a wild hot spring site - Early morning sail +3



    • Driving in the cloud


    • Green Lake near Whistler +2


      • A very nice and clean place! The lake is as clear as a mirror. Good shot! +2
        • Thanks! +1
    • Upper Lillooet River +1


    • Ranch +1


    • Heading for the wild +1





    • Upper Lillooet River trail Upper Lillooet River trail +1









      • Photos are very clear. Like the first photo the most. Trekking in a snowy mountain should not be easy. Did you feel any difficulties to identify your front trails at some areas there? Were snows on trails shoveled by local maintenance team?
        • It is not easy to hiking on snowy and icy trails. That area is very remote. I don't think anyone would shovel snow there. 😊 +1
    • And this is the destination, the hot spring pools!


      • this is beautiful!other side is snow mountain!
        • Yes it is! Snow is everywhere, except near the hot spring source.
      • Why are people putting snow in hot spring?
        • It's too hot! Have to use ice/snow to lower the temperature a bit.