• User experience of Acer Swift 3 User experience of Acer Swift 3 +2

    Bought it from the Source when it was on sale.  CAD $700 before tax.

    The machine size is similar to my MacBook Air 2013.  I'm able to use the same sleeve.  But the screen is 14", larger than the 13.3" of MBA.  The weight is similar.  Don't feel the difference with my hands.

    The keyboard comes with the delete key (which is missing in all Mac laptops), as well as the page-up and page-down keys.  If you have been using Windows system all the time, you probably don't feel how handy they are.  On Mac laptops, you have to use a combination of two keys to perform the operations.

    The touch pad is okay.  What I feel is, it's not as smooth as the one on my MBA, especially when I scroll the page with two fingers.  Apple is doing better on the touch pad.  It's a subtle thing, but really affects the overall feeling when you use the computer.

    Regarding the hardware interface, Swift 3 is doing very well.  It has a USB Type-C port that allows charging.  That means I don't have to carry a bulky power adaptor when I travel.  I can share the same USB Type-C charger with my mobile phone.  This is very meaningful.  Although Swift 3 also comes with a dedicated charging port and a power adaptor, I don't need to use it.  I've been charging through the Type-C port.  On this part, Swift 3 is way better than many other Windows laptops in this price range, which don't support Type-C.

    There is also an HDMI port.  This allows me to connect to a big TV screen with a regular HDMI cable.  Mac laptops always require different extra connectors.  The laptops themselves may look neat, however it's not convenient when it comes to real use.

    Besides the pre-installed Windows 10, I was able to install an Ubuntu Linux system.  This is a lovely capability of Linux as well as modern computers.  I don't need to buy an extra computer just for Linux.

    There is a fingerprint reader.  It works well in Windows 10.  Unfortunately Ubuntu doesn't support it.

    • Buy 13.5 inch screen model is much better
      • Why?
        • Height is better. Resolution is much better.

          To prove, I bought a 13.5 swift 3 two days ago. It is ok.
    • To prove, I bought a 13.5 swift 3 two days ago. It is ok.