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    Faye is my neighbour in the community garden. We always chat when we are working in our veggie plots.

    I met Faye this weekend. After a long winter, we did have a lot to talk about.

    Unfortunately the winter was not so nice to Faye this time. She went to a resort in Mexico for the Christmas holiday, together with her husband Dave. However, just 3 days after they arrived, they both found themselves sick. They tested positive of COVID, despite that they took the COVID injections and were regarded as fully-vaccinated.

    She became very sick. Got fever for 3 days. While Dave tested negative again in 6 days, she was still positive on day 10. They were locked in their own room by the resort, for the rest of their holiday stay. Everything had to go through the arrangement of the resort, including visits by doctors to perform COVID tests. Every visit cost them 1000 pesos ($70 CAD).

    Faye speculated that they contracted the virus while they were flying. This is really an inconvenient fact, because only "vaccinated" passengers were allowed to board flights departing from Canadian airports.

    Faye is working in a place where there is a COVID injection mandate. Everyone in the office had been fully "vaccinated". However, for her team of 8 people, 7 contracted COVID this winter. 4 of them got it during the Christmas break. Oops.

    • So 50% of them got super immunity. I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
      • 7 in 8. 87.5%.