• Wanna fly easier?  Practise yoga! Wanna fly easier?  Practise yoga! +2

    Yoga can make your flight experience easier.  I'll tell you why and how, using myself as an example.

    After you board the plane, there is a long wait before the plane takes off.  You are not allowed to tilt the seatback until then.  I used to feel uncomfortable, until one day I realized that I can do a half-lotus pose.  This pose keeps my upper body straight up.  That a position you can hold for long time and don't feel any stress or tiredness.  When I'm in this pose before take-off, very often I fall into asleep!

    Below is a photo of the half-lotus pose.


    There is another example.  If you sit in the middle seat, usually you have to bother the one on the isle seat when you go to bathroom.  I always felt guilty that I had to interrupt someone, especially if that person was sleeping.  Now I'm able to get over the person's thighs by raising my foot very high, without asking that person to get up and make room for me.  This move sounds difficult, but when your hips are flexible, you can do it easily.

    Practise yoga, and fly easily!


    • Why don’t you try full lotus pose? +1
      • Because my full lotus is not good enough yet. :D I can stay with half lotus almost forever, but full lotus... maybe one minute? +1
        • I couldn't do full lotus position either. I thought this pose is for the skinny people. LOL . +1
          • We Chinese are all regarded as skinny by westerners. 😄 +1
    • I feel very uncomfortable and also feel the time goes too slow, I feel very uncomfortable and also feel the time goes too slow, +1
      if the duration of a flight is longer than 6 hours, especially longer than 10 hours. If yoga can make me feel comfortable in a plane's seat, that's great! But what's the minimum time ( years or months) of practice for a beginner to do the half-lotus posture comfortably?
      • I'd suggest that, don't set any expectation. Just start doing it. Do it without a goal. +1
        • I see. Just do it everyday. Thanks! +1
          • Don't expect the surprise and the surprise would come. :) +2
            • Take it easy and enjoy it. Otherwise, it will be difficult to last. 😁 +2
    • I do this posture sometimes during flights too. Just need to make sure your socks do not smell 😂 +2
      • Yup! That's important! LOL